Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting behind

Soooo I'm determined to keep posting on this blog frequently! why I'm posting on a Friday. I wasn't home at all yesterday. I realize i haven't done any studio art projects this summer and the summer is half gone. i need to get three done before school starts. I'm thinking for my concentration this year to do something with urban living since i live a boring suburban life. maybe I'll pick up some graffiti. I worked on an old picture this week and just photoshopped it a bit. I try to work on more things next week.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awards and other fun stuff

So first item of business is my apology to all my watchers. I haven't kept up with my posting. i went camping and then things happened and other excuses.:/ I'm lame.
Second item of business is that i got tagged the Honest Scrap award from Sharon McPherson on her blog Thank you very much! I pass this on to ten other blogs and then tell ten HONEST things about myself that my readers don't know, which is a lot since I'm new at this game. The ten lucky blogs are

Okay. i had to meet a few new people to get all of the blogs but i did it! Now lets see if i can come up with ten things about me.

1- Math is my worse subject, the numbers just don't click for me, it's most embarrassing when you mess up when giving the change to the customer.

2- I love history. The whole story and every thing is amazing. my favorite to learn about right now is probably 50s and 60s.

3- My favorite author is Ayn Rand. her books are so powerful and inspiring especially the fountainhead.

4- I have two fat cats and they're my babies. The problems they've caused oh!

5- I'm a perfectionist. it wreaks havoc on my erasers.

6-My eraser is one of my best friends even if i do "misplace" it often. like now for instance.

7- I love nature, every thing is just so beautiful.

8- I like to learn about things that pertain to health. i find the human body fascinating.

9- I use to be an anime/ manga fanatic for the longest time, it's how i started drawing. i still watch it from time to time.

10-I don't like twilight. Bella is a moron.

Next item of business is what work I've done and that's not much. really, not much. Today i did manage to do a picture for a girl i know of her and her boy friend. it kinda looks like them, *shrugs* practice makes perfect.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

procrastination is the source of all sin

Well I kinda procrastinated and didn't do any work yesterday so I'm just going to post some of my final projects of my AP class. I hope you like them!