Tuesday, June 23, 2009

After the weekend!

Well i did a lot over the weekend! I finished this one

The one of the birds was spontaneous. it was done on cardboard with acrylic i referenced some sketches i worked on.

And !'ve been working on my digital painting skills. This is a work in progress of a painting style I saw one you tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWgllQc76QY&feature=channel_page Bugmeyer is on the podcast WIP that i listen too also at http://wippodcast.com/ very fun to listen too.

I heard another thing worth mentioning from a blog i follow Zero2Illo. The blogger mentioned that there needs to be a production over consumption. time spent working on my own stuff = production. time spent looking at others work and style= consumption.

Last but not least i found out about a website called Illustration Friday which sounds really cool. it's a website that gives artists a topic each week to illustrate. I'm looking forward to illustrating them.

goals till next time: work more on my work and less time looking at others, participate in illustration friday's topic this week drifting, and stay on one direction and stop babbling. I hope you enjoyed this post. if not give me some constructive criticism. :)

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