Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Beginning

So a brand new blog with a new purpose. The purpose is to document my progress in achieving my artistic goals. Laugh if you may, but I'm determined. It's the starting of the summer and I want to try some new things with my art and prepare to apply to colleges.

In my junior year, which is now over, i took the art studio AP test. Still waiting for the results, but I'm going to take the class again in my senior year which I'm super excited for. My teacher is awesome. But I want to push myself more than that in my work over the summer. so my goal is to post my works in progress, finished works, sites i find helpful, and anything else going on in my life, art or not. I'm thinking for the summer at least that I'll post every Tuesday and Thursdays.

As my life is going now there are so many new things that I get to experience. For the first time in a year and something months I'm single and plan on staying that way. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a gym membership with my friend so we can hang out more. For the last couple days I've been sick and have been listening to two podcast hosted by artists. one is WIP and the other is Ninja Mountain Scrolls.

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